Welcome to “Healthy Living with TL”. I am delighted you stopped by.

Blogs about healthy lifestyles seem to be popping up throughout the Internet. I, myself, am a huge fan of similar blogs as evidenced by my own subscriptions to  about a dozen myself. However, the vision for “Healthy Living with TL” is to open the dialogue about a cause very dear to my heart.

The past couple of years, my family has been experiencing something we’ve never encountered before…and that’s cancer.  My battle was fought and won but it continues to be the greatest challenge of my life. Although being in remission for the past year is glorious , the cloud of relapse lingers near. It is not far from my thoughts. Because of that, I felt it necessary to change my lifestyle, and that of my family, so as to drastically reduce the risk of cancer returning.

That is where this blog enters the picture. Many friends and family who followed my fight with lymphoma have asked about the life changes we’ve made…and how they can make similar changes. Friends have asked how they can get started…where to go to get quality info…and how can they incorporate changes as well. I’ve posted much of our journey and our changes on other social media sites, but it was still strongly suggested to start a blog to get the valuable information I was learning and applying into the hands of friends and family. And that is my goal.

I understand that this is not the only blog on healthy living…there are hoards of them. I am not trying to compete…or make a buck. I’m simply trying to find some way to pay it forward.  Since cancer statistics are worsening at alarming rates, others can benefit from what my family has discovered, including you.

This blog is in it’s infancy…so hang in there as we grow. May you find something helpful to add to your longevity in this thing we call life.